Yamanaka can packaging Truecoffee vending machines

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    The filter coffee makers famous paper with the implementation process packaging paper Truecoffee filter coffee with two stages occur quite fussy, so you feel good about how much coffee truecoffee times.

    The first way: Coffee filter paper can packaging machine full automation from raw materials to finished product inputs.

    The second way: Coffee filter paper Yamanaka can packaging Truecoffee vending machines. Filter bag is produced in the form of filter bags and discrete, filter coffee maker filter paper bags used for packing coffee into each bag easily by hand or machine pouring coffee for small amounts. Bag used welding machines or hand presses continuous heat to weld the bag mouth. Pros: low initial investment, easy production.

    Yamanaka a leading coffee brand from Japan, has shared information about the technical characteristics of the cà phê phin giấy dùng 1 lần bags like?

    - Coffee filter paper made of paper and nonwovens: safe for health. The product does not use chemicals, user friendliness and environmental.

    - Coffee filter paper handy, convenient, low cost, disposable, can enjoy a cup of coffee in pure clean anywhere. Preparation quick, just 20 seconds you have to get the desired cup of coffee.

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