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Bring pure coffee flavor into a bag filter, Yamanaka

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    The bitter taste, dark dress on the tongue and spread the fragrance of coffee in a clean space ngào causes people to ecstasy, ...

    Perhaps because cà phê sạch, incredibly seductive as so many people have lived and died for a coffee, to coffee, to live with coffee, raised from coffee, ... Things like that make Yamanaka more enthusiastic than for the taste of coffee.

    People can meet, exchange from coffee and a glass of appointment partners and discuss business, business ... Even in a family, to welcome friends, neighbors exchange.

    So really you know coffee culture or not, this article would like to share a little Yamanaka knowledge little about how coffee is clean with basic formation of Vietnamese coffee culture.

    The arrival of coffee in Vietnam

    Yamanaka brand rooted in Japanese with Truecoffee coffee, according to the Japanese leg introduced into Vietnam from the colonial era. Initially this Truecoffee coffee bags only for the nobility, the big officials, intellectuals or elite urban places. Gradually things truecoffee become popular beverage in the lives of people.

    Today Yamanaka had infiltrated the Vietnam market and once again re-known brand coffee bags Truecoffee, brings more momentum dress in every cup of coffee clean, pure. Yamanaka was known not only for brand coffee bags standing in the world top that also build your very own taste featured for the Vietnamese. Two clean coffees used and widely planted in Vietnam is Arabica and Robusta. Each type provides its name in both domestic and overseas production, quality and taste. Yamanaka has developed taste cup of coffee in filter bags of Vietnam increasingly Truecoffee flying high and far, the world is more attention ...

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