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    Green Eye Environment (GREE) is a company of water and environment. Founded in 2005, GREE activity is in the field of: consulting, designing, construction and installing clean water treatment, wastewater treatment, air pollution treatment, plumbing design, waste treatment facilities(solid, liquid, air), supplying machines, equipment, chemicals... so that clean up and protect the environment.

    GREE assembles a team of domestic and foreign environmental technology professionals who was formally trained in water treatment and environmental programs at the University of Wageningen Refine - the Netherlands, the world's leading university in the environmental field. We work with a group of research professors from the University of Wageningen - Netherlands, one of the best researcher groups in the field of water treatment and environment to continuously improve the technology bring to the best technology solutions for clients.

    GREE was a consulting partner for water and environmental issues of vietnamese and foreign companies like: Metro Cash & Carry Viet Nam; Unilever Vietnam; The World Bank, REE Corp, Sanofi Corp, Kobelco Group, Novotel Hotel, Pullman Hotel, Sungroup Group, JW Marriott, Cocobay, Trung Son Seafood Corporation, SCG Group, Minh Phu Seafood corporation , Masan Food Corporation...

    In addition to our consulting work, we are also supporting community projects. In 2010, GREE won the final VID and received research funding from the World Bank for the project to reduce the cause of the greenhouse effect for the community.


    Since 2016, GREE has been agency of KWI Group in Vietnam, implementing all water supply, wastewater treatment and environmental treatment projects with integrated flocculation, sedimentation and filtration equipment of KWI in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia markets. KWI Group is one of the pioneers in the world of technology MDAF. Founded in 1949 by Dr. Milos Kroha. Currently, KWI has over 15 branches in the world and more than 4700 installations in 77 countries.


    By the slogan “We create the green future together” we are ready to co-operate

    with you and try our best to make your confidence and satisfying services.


    Address: 130 Nguyễn Công Trứ, P. Nguyễn Thái Bình, Q.1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

    Phone: (028)38279706 – 0981687909




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