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    Many people were very wrong to not believe in coffee filter paper, a famous brand of Yamanaka, Vietnamese people still think buying a roadside coffee cups can be delicious without knowing enjoying coffee grinders also cheap paper and more pure. The cafe that you are definitely not pure coffee. Shop sidewalk almost 70% of coffee is not clean, full of impurities. So how to get a cup of delicious coffee filter paper just healthy again.

    Cách pha cà phê phin giấy but delicious

    The first is to prepare a cup of coffee filter paper and pour ¾ cup water, pay attention to safe drinking water used offline. Then prepare a small electric kettle mainly to rapidly boiling water and boil the kettle boiling.

    Next is preparing a bag filter, then for a bag of coffee if you like to drink some more bold to challenge. To filter paper into a cup of coffee, wide mouth bag around cups to grip.

    When the water was warm and then turn on the button! Slowly pour water into the coffee grinders in the paper, noting that hold the bag to avoid water spillage bag light coffee flavor. You can use your hands to hold the bag or use chopsticks well.

    Then you soak the bags of coffee in about a minute or more depending on the amount of coffee. Do not know how that thing right for all coffee soaked in water, so this step is important to get a cup of aromatic coffee in the coffee filter paper.

    After coffee was absorbed filter bag you can get out, if you want faster, you use a spoon to gently press the coffee flowing faster offline.

    Get the bag completely filtered out then you will see clearly the flavor of Truecoffeeecstatic levitation. With coffee extract 100% pure clean so the scent is sure to make you want to drink soon, right ?. Thus, the way it has helped you to have a cup of delicious coffee and paper filter.

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