The use of Yamanaka listed below

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    We can say today Yamanaka Japanese brand is causing a large influence on the paper filter coffee market, public order is one of the group of Vietnam's leading coffee as well as major world-class, with the use of advanced technology from Japan, to produce a paper filter containing coffee, as well as the advanced it, that makes you drink cup market Truecoffee becomes tasty, tasty. Yamanaka what they are interested in VN is processed, study the style of Vietnamese coffee and add the correct paper into the filter bold flavors of our favorites.

    Coffee Truecoffee becoming familiar with the coffee enthusiasts, especially those who are interested in clean coffee to protect the health before the flavorings and impurities of poor quality coffee is abundant on-market sale bare.

    The use of Yamanaka listed below:

    - Products made of paper create no substance cloth, do not use chemical use. Product safety for the user and safe for their health.

    - Designing new and special, with straps Yamanaka designed to hook into a cup, like the drip style cà phê phin giấy dùng 1 lần from Vietnam in particular and Asia in general.

    - Products brings the convenience, affordable, convenient, disposable, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anywhere you want. Fast preparation, ensuring standards within 1 minute you have a delicious cup of coffee.

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